Work to include risk assessments and cladding remediation

Framework provider LHC Procurement has started the search for firms to fill places on three fire safety consultancy frameworks worth a combined £140m.

The four year deals are divided between England, Scotland and Wales, with values of £105m, £10m and £15m respectively.

Fire safety inspector shutterstock

The deadline for tenders is 10 August

Each framework has 11 lots, with work expected to include fire safety consultancy, fire risk assessments and inspections, cladding remediation and waking watch services.

It will also include installation, maintenance, testing and remediation of passive and active fire protection measures such as fire doors, sprinklers, fire extinguishers and alarms.

The minimum turnover required for firms to apply for most lots is £500,000, although the lots for fire consultancy and fire risk assessments require a smaller turnover of £250,000, and the minimum for the fire prevention services lot is £100,000.

The deadline for receipt of tenders is midday on 10 August.