Other staff from the UK consultant are still missing following boat capsize.

Five Atkins employees were killed and others are still missing following Thursday night's boat tragedy in Bahrain.

Six workers from South African contractor Nass, Murray and Roberts were also killed in the accident and several others are still missing.

Atkins chief executive Keith Clarke was due to fly out to Bahrain tomorrow.

The boat capsized less than a mile off the coast. The disaster has so far claimed the lives of at least 57 of its estimated 150 passengers. The contractor had hired to celebrate the completion of a local project, believed to be the Bahrain Trade Tower.

Brian Bruce, the firm's chief executive, said it had 25 employees in Bahrain including 11 Britons. He said: "We are deeply shocked by this tragedy. Our sympathy and condolences go out to all those who have been affected."

The Bahrain News Agency said the boat was on an evening cruise that was to last several hours.

So far, the confirmed dead include 18 Indians and 13 Britons. At least 63 people have been rescued from the vessel.

An Indian barman who had been onboard told the Gulf Daily News that the boat had "rocked badly and tilted over" after hitting a wave.

"The refrigerator and cooker all slid to one side of the boat and with that extra weight, the boat couldn't sustain it any longer and we rolled," he said.

The paper was also said a South African man had warned the passengers not to gather on the dhow's upper deck before it set out.

"He got the microphone and told them to go down because the boat was rocking from side to side," a witness said. "There were life jackets on board, but the boat toppled very fast - there wasn't enough time."