Architects Levitt Bernstein and HTA head a five-strong shortlist to oversee the £200m redevelopment of four rundown housing estates in Coventry.
Chosen from a longlist of 21, the other practices selected are Atkins, PRP and Shepheard Epstein Hunter. The contract to masterplan the redevelopment will be awarded at the start of April, with a more detailed plan to be completed by the end of the year.

The client is the WEHM New Deals for Communities Partnership. It wants the masterplanner to "design out crime" and has secured £54m of the funding the scheme requires. The selected masterplanner will be expected to come up with proposals for working with developers to secure the additional £150m.

The Whitefriars Association, a registered social landlord that owns the housing stock, will appoint a developer to work alongside the masterplanner. Together they will be expected to revamp the Wood End, Henley Green, Manor Farm and Deedmore Road estates.

The four estates were built in the 1950s and enjoyed some popularity because of the success of the local economy. However, this has declined in the past decades and the area has been hit by crime, vandalism and poor services. As well as new-build housing, the scheme will include open spaces, a country park, and community, health and leisure facilities.