Eighty-metre-tall SportCity Wind Turbine will power City of Manchester Stadium and 2000 homes.

Foster and Partners has designed an 80m-tall wind turbine over the City of Manchester Stadium that will power a stadium and 2000 homes.

The turbine will stand next to the home ground of Manchester City Football Club if planning permission is granted in November, it was announced yesterday.

The SportCity Wind Turbine project, on the corner of Manchester’s SportCity Way and Joe Mercer Way, could end up being the biggest land-based turbine in the UK.

The structure’s three blades would convert to a single point on less windy days, and the machine would produce about two megawatts of electricity if built.

Manchester City’s chief executive, Alistair Mackintosh, said: ‘At a time when the subjects of climate change and carbon emissions are dominating the headlines and the thoughts of the world’s most powerful leaders, I am proud that Manchester City is playing a significant part in safeguarding our environment.