Fresh proposals for Europe's largest regeneration scheme at Elephant & Castle in south London were unveiled this week by Southwark council as part of the planning consultation process that begins today
The Framework for Development document recommends the demolition of several sites, including the Heygate estate and the London Park hotel, and the construction of more than 1000 homes. Project director Chris Horn said proposals for the housing scheme were being checked by planning officers. Work is due to start in January.

He said: "We want to move ahead as quickly as possible with decanting the Heygate estate and building homes for residents, most of whom want to stay in the area."

Horn said: "We would be looking for two or three groupings of housing associations to work in parallel on developing the sites. Of the 40-odd housing associations within the Southwark Housing Association Group, only a few have the capacity to work on a project of this scale."

Housing experts believe that the Peabody Trust, Metropolitan, Hide and Brimley are the associations most likely to be involved with the project.