Labour's London mayoral candidate Nicky Gavron will adopt a more cautious approach to high-rise development than Ken Livingstone if elected, she said this week.
Gavron, who served as Livingstone's deputy before taking up the Labour Party nomination, told Building: "Ken is much more willing to change the skyline of London. I'm much more willing to keep the qualities that London already has. There is a difference between us in terms of location of high-rise."

Gavron worked on the mayor's London plan, which proposes a series of clusters of tall building in the capital. Gavron hinted that Livingstone wanted to go further, and build high-density towers in other parts of London.

She said: "We've got to be careful not to open a Pandora's Box of high-rise and say that it can go anywhere."

It also emerged that Gavron had wanted to include the regeneration impact of an Olympic bid in the plan. However, Livingstone told her not to take account of the bid, as the government had yet not committed itself to it.

We mustn’t open a Pandora’s Box of high-rise

Nicky Gavron, Labour’s London mayoral candidate