E.on UK and Lunar Energy submit plans for a major tidal plant off Pembrokeshire coast

Plans to build one of the world’s biggest tidal power stations off the Welsh coast have been submitted by two energy companies.

E.on UK and Lunar Energy hope to put a field of 60ft turbines on the sea floor near St David’s in Pembrokeshire.

The scheme would use the power of fast moving deep sea streams to generate electricity. If given the go-ahead, it is thought the project would produce enough energy for up to 5,000 homes.

The companies, which announced their intention to build a major tidal plant in March, have submitted a scoping report to the Department of Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (DBERR).

E.on UK marine development manager Amaan Lafayette, said: “The waters off the coast of Wales have the some of the greatest potential for marine-generated energy in Europe and this project will help us to harness the power of the tides and turn that potential into clean, renewable energy.”

Lunar Energy executive chairman William Law said: “This new industry will allow Lunar and E.ON to not only satisfy the public demand for renewable energy, but also offer healthy returns to far-sighted investors.”

He added that he anticipated further commercial developments of this type, particularly in Scotland.

Early feasibility studies have been completed and a full environmental impact assessment will now be carried out. If approved, the plant is expected to be up and running by 2010/11.