More than 16,000 jobs will be created in Glasgow over the next 10 years to meet increased demand in the construction sector, according to a report compiled by researchers at the city's university.
The report identifies a shortfall in manpower of 6500 jobs and recommends that Glasgow be used as a test bed for developing new approaches to construction.

In the wake of the report, the council has set up a forum to tackle the issues, which will include representatives from building firms in the city. In particular, the body will attempt to attract recruits to the construction industry and develop a training programme.

A spokesperson for the council said that a total of 16,250 jobs would be created as a result of investment in former council housing stock, recently transferred to the private sector, an extension to the M74 motorway and primary school facilities. He said: "All these projects will provide opportunities for Glasgow's construction industry throughout the next decade."

Deputy leader of Glasgow council Jim Coleman said the forum would encourage the public and the private sector to work together to develop long-term procurement partnerships.

News of the formation of the steering group, to be known as the Glasgow Construction Forum, came as local trade body Scottish Building predicted that 25% of companies in the region expected to have more work this year than last. Chief executive Sid Patten said: "This increase is most prominent in new building and in infrastructure repair and maintenance."