Move designed to encourage staff advancement and push forward international operations

Consultant Gleeds will bring the cost management side of its business under a limited liability partnership structure for the first time.

The move, which will affect under half of the business, is designed to bring businesses currently operating under different management structures under one roof.

The firm believes this will encourage greater staff advancement and recognises the developing importance of the international operations which now make up 30% of turnover.

Richard Steer

Richard Steer, senior partner, said: “Our business has been operating as two distinct entities for some time with the cost management side of Gleeds a relic of the past in terms of its management structure.

“The majority of our other operations from energy to project management operate as standalone incorporated operations and now cost management is doing the next best thing which is becoming a limited liability partnership.”

Steer explained that the new flatter structure allows those that do not operate in the cost management side to progress through the organisation reaching the top levels of management wherever they are working.