Consultant Gleeds is in talks with project manager APS over acquiring it.

A source close to the deal said that Gleeds hoped to take over the firm, which specialises in commercial, leisure, retail, industrial and residential building projects. He said negotiations were “still at an early stage.” Gleeds is keen to boost the £14m turnover in its project management department.

Noel O’Donnell, APS executive director, said he was “unaware of any merger or acquisition discussions”.

Gleeds has also won a four-year contract with the Welsh Health Estates. Gleeds will be appointed as NHS trust project manager and cost adviser on a number of health projects that are part of the Designed For Life: Building For Wales procurement initiative.

Ian Miller, managing partner at Gleeds said:

“We are delighted to have won the contract and look forward to commencing work on the projects.

"We have a respected reputation of working within the health sector and will aim to deliver a high-level service to our client.”