Schools minister says that by 2010 three academies will be built in Nottingham, Croydon and Gloucester

Three academies are to be built in Nottingham, Croydon and Gloucester.

Schools minister Ed Balls announced that the three academies would be built before 2010.

The Nottingham University Samworth Academy will specialise in health and science, and will be sponsored by Nottingham University and local businessman David Samworth. The new buildings will be funded through Nottingham’s BSF framework.

Cheltenham Academy will be built on the site of Kingsmead School, while Croydon Academy will replace Coulsdon School in the south London town.

Balls said: "The three planned new academies that we announcing today, all with the support of local government in Nottingham, Gloucestershire and Croydon, will help take us beyond our target of 200 by 2010 and help us accelerate our programme towards 400 academies.”

There are currently 83 academies in the UK. The government aims to open 50 academies every year until 2010.