Climat Change Committe says current energy efficiency policies for domestic sector are not enough

The government needs take political leadership on home energy refurbishment or risk missing targets it set itself under the Climate Change Act, according to the body set up to ensure it is on track.

In a report published today, the Climate Change Committee (CCC), headed by Lord Adair Turner, said that current policies intended to increase energy efficiency and cut carbon emissions from the domestic sector are not enough.

“Emissions reductions will not ensue to the extent required under the current framework [i.e. CERT, led by energy suppliers, which has been most successful at providing free energy efficient light bulbs].”

Instead, the CCC said that a whole house, street-by-street approach should be taken, involving an energy audit with a follow- up package including installation and financing.

A street-by-street approach would tap into people’s desires to be led by government and the increased likelihood of them acting when they see others acting, said the committee. “The Committee recommends a neighbourhood approach led by national government [e.g. providing political leadership, strategy, legislation, etc.], with a delivery role for local government in partnership with energy companies and other appropriate commercial organisations.”

The CCC warned that a pay-as-you-save approach whereby homeowners can access a rolling fund in order to carry out insulation measures and then pay back the costs through a billing mechanism, would have only limited take up.