From 1 December 2005 all government departments will have to draw up an environmental purchasing policy.

Environment minister Elliot Morley has spelt out new purchasing and estate management targets for government departments aimed at improving sustainability.

According to the new targets, by 1 December 2005 all central government departments and their executive agencies in England must:

  • Draw up an environmental purchasing policy, and integrate it with procurement activites.
  • Work with suppliers to find sustainable ways to provide goods, works and services, and to implement environmental supply chain management where appropriate.
  • Include ‘environmental consideration’ clauses in all contracts, including PPPs and PFIs.
  • Replace or modify ozone-damaging refrigeration, air-conditioning and fire-protection equipment as it reaches the end of its natural life with safe, cost-effective alternatives.

Mr Morley said: “These new targets will lock in more sustainable purchasing requirements which in turn will send a clear message to manufacturers about the demand for sustainable materials.