Nine of the locations are on the site of existing nuclear reactors

A list of 11 sites where nuclear power stations could be built in England and Wales has been released by the government.

Dungeness power station
Credit: Matt FM

Companies interested in building the stations, such as EDF, E. On and RWE, nominated the locations, and the government has given these sites initial approval.

Nine of the locations have nuclear reactors that are due to be decomissioned. The two new sites are close to Sellafield at Braystones and Kirksanton.

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), which owns the sites of the UK’s older generation of Magnox reactors, is auctioning land on these sites, with EDF and E. On among the bidders.

A month-long public consultation has now begun. The government is hoping to have the first reactors operational by 2018 – by this time, the Magnox group will have come out of service.

Sites include Anglesey, where the existing Wylfa station is due to close next year and Oldbury in Gloucestershire, although a survey to years ago showed most people wanted the site returned to nature.

Kirksanton and Braystones, both near to Sellafield, have also been proposed.

Sites in Scotland were not nominated because the Scottish government opposes building new nuclear power stations.

Nominated nuclear sites

Bradwell, Essex
Braystones, Cumbria
Dungeness, Kent
Heysham, Lancashire
Hinckley Point, Somerset
Kirksanton, Cumbria
Oldbury, South Gloucestershire
Sellafield, Cumbria
Sizewell, Suffolk
Wylfa, north Wales