The government is failing to deliver on its comprehensive spending review commitment, especially in the health and social housing sectors, according to an industry report.
The claims are made in Achievable Targets: Is the Government Delivering?, published by the Construction Products Association.

The report says the government is on course to meet its short-term target of 100,000 houses by 2004 but claims that this target "falls far short" of what is required.

The report calls for an urgent review of targets for the large-scale voluntary transfer of council houses, as it claims the programme is progressing far more slowly than the government expected. The CPA says this delay is jeopardising the government's long-term targets.

In the health sector, the study claims the delivery of hospitals is slipping. It says work has begun on only two of the six hospitals slated for construction. The report also claims that targets for improvements to GP premises and primary care centres will not be achieved.

Concerns are also raised about the safety of the health sector building stock. The report claims that 19% of the stock is safety-compliant and that 21% is fire-compliant.