Only 400 votes separate Labour construction minister Nigel Grittiths from Liberal Democrat candidate Marilyne MacLaren.

Construction minister Nigel Griffiths has held on to his Edinburgh South seat by only 400 votes. Regulations minister Phil Hope also had a close call. He retaine Corby but with a reduced majority of 1,517.

Griffiths edged out Liberal Democrat candidate Marilyne MacLaren, who polled 13,783 votes compared to Grittiths’ 14,183. The result represented a 6.5% swing from Labour to Liberal Democrat.

The Conservatives trailed in 3rd with 10,291 votes, a 1.4% increase on the 2001 election.

Griffiths won 33.2% of the vote compared to 32.3% for the Liberal Democrats, and 24.1% for the Conservatives. Turnout was 42,693 which at 70% was an increase in 9.8% since the last election.

In Corby there was a swing of 4.5% from Labour to Conservative as Phil Hope won with a reduced majority of 1,517. The Labour vote was 43.8% compared to 40.6% for the Conservatives and 13% for the Liberal Democrats.

Overall Labour secured its third term in office but with a greatly reduced majority, estimated to be about 66 seats.