Visitors take a journey through the human body in new Dutch museum

The Corpus is a new museum on the outskirts of the Hague in the Netherlands that is both a science education centre and an amusement park.

The building, designed by Dutch architect Reco Productions International BV, incorporates a 35m-high seated human figure created by artist De Ridder.

The museum offers visitors as young as eight the opportunity to go on a journey through the human body, where they can see, feel and hear how the body works.

Henri Remmers, managing director of Reco Productions International BV, said: “Our vision is that visitors to Corpus ‘journey through the human body’ will have a different view on their body when they return home.”

All the walls and halls are modelled with fibreglass to resemble the inside of a giant human body.

The museum has a number of permanent and variable exhibitions. It uses the latest technology in the field of imagery, sound and 3D effects to present and explain the medical aspects of the human body.

The architect worked with designer Andre Postma and constructor IMD. Heddes Bouw was contractor on the scheme.

The museum opened to the public last week.