Former city banker gave up £80k a year only to find out he had an allergy to wood dust

A city banker left his £80k a year job to become a carpenter discovered he had an allergy to wood.

Dan Hill, 32, decided to give up working at an investment bank in London for his dream of living in the countryside as a furniture maker.

Unfortunately, after only a few weeks in his new job in Devon he developed a rash and sore eyes as a result of an allergy to wood dust.

Undeterred, Hill, a civil engineering graduate, continued learning carpentry wearing gloves, a face mask and cream to stop the allergy.

He told the BBC: "I wasn't going to give up - I had already committed myself to carpentry - so I continue working despite the allergic reaction. But it could be pretty miserable."

Then in a lucky twist of fate Hill started using Welsh oak instead of African hardwood and found out it was the one type of wood he is not allergic to.

Originally from the Gower in Wales, he decided to move back to set up his own workshop. He now works entirely in Welsh Oak with his brother at their company NewRedFurniture.