Landlords can ensure tenants take action to service their heating systems with the Honeywell ST9100S and ST9400S heating controllers, thereby helping them comply with regulation 36 of the Gas Regulations 1998, which requires gas appliances to be checked for safety every 12 months.

The controllers incorporate a service interval function that can be set by the landlord or heating contractor to indicate to the tenant when the heating system requires servicing, plus an advance warning period during which the display flashes a reminder of the service deadline.

The display will show “Service due XX days”, which alternates with the normal display, for a period of up to 28 days as determined by the landlord. A telephone number is also displayed to help the tenant book a service.The timer is reset by the heating contractor when the system has been checked and serviced.

The landlord can select how the controller will operate should the tenant fail to have the system serviced. This ranges from having a flashing prompt to preventing the system from operating.

The ST9100S is a one-day timer with two on/off periods per day. It can be used for combi boilers, additional zones or any application where small electric loads need switching. The ST9400S is a one-day programmer timer with two on/off periods per day, for heating systems with stored domestic hot water. It enables heating and hot water to be programmed independently.

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