Former lord advocate promises tough approach and appeals for 'anybody who knows anything' to come forward.
Lord Fraser of Carmyllie, who is leading an inquiry into cost overruns at the Scottish parliament building, this week appealed for project members to come forward with information.

At the public launch of the inquiry, Fraser, a former lord advocate, said he was hoping to meet privately anybody who had anything to reveal about how the cost of the scheme increased from £40m to £375m.

Whistleblowers will also be able to pass on information through the inquiry's website – – which will go live this week.

Underlining his aggressive stance, Fraser added: "If anyone thought I was chosen to conduct a whitewash, they don't know me. If that's what was wanted, they chose the wrong person."

He added that he was determined the investigation would be conducted as openly as possible.

If anyone thought I was chosen to conduct a whitewash, they don’t know me

Lord Fraser of Carmyllie

"I am determined that the inquiry should be full, transparent and exhaustive. I intend to examine all the relevant facts without getting lost in a forest of detail.

"The people of Scotland expect the truth, they deserve the truth and I am determined they will get the truth."

Fraser rejected claims that he would not have access to key players. "I would caution anybody against such a thought," he said. "I believe there are extensive powers that I will not hesitate to use to get to the truth. I fully intend to name and shame those who do not co-operate."

Lord Fraser said he could not predict the length of the inquiry, although he said it would not be completed until the parliament building was finished and occupied. He plans to produce an interim report by the middle of next year.