Halifax report shows 3 million rooms have been knocked down in past five years

Nearly 3 million rooms have been knocked down in the UK over the past five years.

A report from Halifax Home Insurance reveals that Britons are taking down walls to create more open space homes.

Forty four per cent of these fail to notify their insurance company after demolishing walls and 25% decide to do the work themselves.

The insurance team estimates that 2.9 million rooms have disapeared in five years and that an additional 2.1 million rooms vanishing this year.

The dining room is set to be the first victim with 590,000 dining room walls earmarked for demolition. The report marks the year 2020 for the dining room’s complete extinction.

Also on the 2008 demolition list are 190,000 living room walls, 170,000 utility room walls, and 125,000 studies.

Over the past five years, 12% of homes in Wales and the West have had walls knocked down, topping the UK league. This year, the North is set to lead the country’s table with an estimated 13% of homes losing rooms in the area.