Housing Association Property Mutual is pressing the government to adopt key performance indicators in workmanship.

Paul Wornell of HAPM's technical audit unit is sending a copy of the housing association insurer's new workmanship checklists for scrutiny by DETR.

Wornell said: "While there is a common agenda in recent government initiatives to reduce defects and benchmark performance, not even the Movement for Innovation’s 10 KPIs include workmanship."

"Workmanship is frequently inadequate and intrinsically linked to defects – and measuring quality in terms of workmanship should be straightforward," he added.

The checklist manual runs to 350 pages and covers all areas of workmanship from foundations and basements to painting and decorating.

HAPM has even prepared a complicated mathematical formula for calculating performance, just like the Movement for Innovation’s own KPIs. From the checklists, auditors can work out a maintenance indicator, a workmanship quality indicator and a design quality indicator.