Document outlines plans for infrastructure and renewable energy funds, but fails to point out specific opportunities

The housing minister this morning launched a prospectus designed to help create the country's first eco-region in the Thames Gateway.

The document, launched by Margaret Beckett at the Thames Gateway Forum this morning, sets out the government's vision for turning the Gateway into an exemplar of low-carbon development.

However, despite being called a “prospectus” for the eco-region, it does not outline specific investment opportunities in the area, instead discussing plans for an environmental infrastructure fund and a renewable energy challenge fund.

The announcement included the launch of a new Institute for Sustainability in the Gateway, designed to promote the development of new green technologies that can be used within sustainable construction.

Beckett said: “It's about ensuring economic growth goes absolutely hand-in-hand with environmental sustainability. I want to see the Thames Gateway right at the forefront.”

Beckett said the eco-region plans would include the development of an “eco-quarter” in the Gateway, and specific eco-assessments for housing developments in the area.