Minimum of 18 contracts up for grabs by December 2022

HS2 is set to award at least £6bn of construction work by the end of 2022.

According to data published on the railway’s website, the £100bn project will award 18 railway system and construction contracts in the next two years, underlying the importance of the project as the industry struggles to bounce back from the covid-19 crisis.


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The scheme to build a new station at Birmingham Curzon Street has a price tag of £570m

Procurement is yet to start on seven on these, while the process is already underway on the remaining 11.

Future HS2 contract opportunities

CategoryDescriptionProcurement RouteStatusIndicative Procurement Start DateIndicative Contract Award DateValue category (highest-lowest)
Railway Systems Track: Switches & Crossings Negotiated OJEU Not started Jul-20 Q4 2021 £50m - £100m
Railway Systems HV Power Distribution (inc. Traction Power Infrastructure - Feeder Stations and Lineside ATFS) Negotiated OJEU Not started Aug-20 Q3 2022 £250m - £500m
Railway Systems Network Integrated Control Centre (NICC) Building & Washwood Heath Depot (WWH) Negotiated OJEU Not started Sep-20 Q4 2022 £100m - £250m
Railway Systems Engineering Management System / SCADA Integrated Solution Negotiated OJEU Not started Oct-20 Q2 2022 £10m - £50m
Construction HS2 Phase One Stations (Birmingham Interchange) TBC Not started Q3 2020 Q1 2022 £100m - £250m
Railway Systems Track Installation: Lot 4 (Phase 2a) Negotiated OJEU Not started   TBC £250m - £500m
Railway Systems Track: Long-Welded Rail Negotiated OJEU Not started   TBC £250m - £500m

Source: HS2 Ltd

Eight of the contracts where procurement are in the prequalification questionnaire (PPQ) stage, while shortlists have already been announced for the other three.

The highest value deal is the £570m contract to build the railway’s Birmingham terminus at Curzon Street.

Last month Laing O’Rourke, the Mace and Dragados team building Euston station and a Bam Ferrovial joint venture were shortlisted for the role.

Other notable deals already underway include the £465m deal for lifts and escalators at phase one stations and the £350m contract for tunnel and lineside M&E.

The other deals with shortlists (see below) already in place are the £40m job to provide cross passage doors and a £200m contract for the pre-cast slab track system.

CategoryDescriptionProcurement RouteStatusContract Award DateTenderers/Awarded SuppliersIndicative BudgetValue category
Railway Systems Pre-cast Slab Track System (open route) - design, manufacture and supply   ITT in evaluation  Q2 2020

ITT shortlist:

  • Tarmac, Max Bögl JV
  • Porr Bau GMBH, Aggregate Industries UK Ltd
 £200m £100m - £250m
Railway Systems  Cross Passage Doors   ITT in evaluation   Q3 2020

ITT shortlist:

  • ASSA ABLOY Security
  • Booth Industries
  • Elkuch Bator AG
  • Hodapp GmbH & Co
  • Rhino Doors
£30m - £40m £10m - £50m
Construction HS2 Phase One Stations: Design & Build (Birmingham Curzon Street) Negotiated OJEU ITT 2021

ITT Shortlist: 

  • Bam Ferrovial JV 
  • Laing O’Rourke
  • Mace and Dragados
£570m £500m - £3bn
Construction Phase One Stations — Framework Agreement for Lifts and Escalators   PQQ 2021 TBC £465m £250m - £500m
Railway Systems Tunnel and Lineside Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) Negotiated OJEU PQQ Q1 2022 TBC £350m £250 - £500m
Railway Systems Track Installation (Phase One, Lot 1 Urban) Negotiated OJEU PQQ Q2 2022 TBC £400m £250m - £500m
Railway Systems Track Installation (Phase One, Lot 2 Central) Negotiated OJEU PQQ Q2 2022 TBC £400m £250m - £500m
Railway Systems Track Installation (Phase One, Lot 3 North) Negotiated OJEU PQQ Q2 2022 TBC £400m £250m - £500m
Railway Systems Overhead Catenary System (OCS) Negotiated OJEU PQQ Q2 2022 TBC £200m £100m - £250m
Railway Systems Control, Command & Signalling (CCS) and Traffic Management Negotiated OJEU PQQ Q3 2022 TBC £540m £500m - £3bn
Railway Systems Operational Telecommunication and Security Systems Negotiated OJEU PQQ Q3 2022 TBC £300m £250m - £500m

Source: HS2 Ltd

The highest value deals yet to be awarded include track installation for phase 2a, the section of the line that will run from the West Midlands to Crewe, which is worth up to £500m.

Another deal worth up to £500m to provide high voltage power distribution including traction power infrastructure is set to start procurement next month.

Procurement for a £100m deal to provide the switches and crossings on the track is expected to start before the end of this month.