The Institution of Civil Engineers has berated the government for failing to create a coherent transport investment plan.

In its annual State of the Nation report, the ICE calls for a 30-year transport strategy to boost the economy and tackle climate change.

Its recommendations include enlarging ports, ringfencing transport revenue for infrastructure spending and building high-speed rail links on the east and west coasts. This last suggestion echoes the Conservative party’s promise, delivered at its conference, to build a £15bn link between London and Leeds.

David Orr, the president of the ICE, said a long-term strategy was needed to prevent projects such as Crossrail and the Thameslink upgrade becoming “unfit for purpose and unsuited for the future needs of the nation”.

He added that housing schemes, eco-towns and economic growth would be affected.

The ICE’s 10-step plan includes: a 30-year national transport strategy; integrated transport authorities for urban areas; enhanced public transport and increased rail freight.