Robbie Williams sings Angels as Ashley Muldoon shows Building around the stadium

Standing at the entrance to the main stand at Wembley Stadium, I can honestly say this is something I never thought I’d see. Not the completion of the project - although it took a while - but the spectacle of Ashley Muldoon, Multiplex project director, standing on the edge of our hallowed turf, bathed in sunlight to the accompaniment of an excessively loud chorus of Robbie Williams’ Angels.

“What do you think then?” he asks triumphantly. I’m reluctant to say that I’m a little scared – he may not like being referred to as a self-styled hardman, but the shaven-headed Muldoon hardly conjures up the image of an angel….

Even with the sound system at 45% of its volume and with a stocky Australian blocking my view, I can tell that Wembley is impressive.

When Building went to the site last week, I got my first glimpse of the stadium since it stopped being littered with construction materials. Yes, there is still some snagging going on, but it’s all very low key. And today’s confirmation that the fire alarm systems have passed tests means that, barring nasty surprises, all is on track for the cup final in May.

So looking at the stadium, Muldoon’s pride, on one level, is not too difficult to understand. He and his company have, quite rightly, been criticised for their handling of a construction project that has been plagued with problems. Some people in the industry, like me, aren’t going to forget this. Because of Muldoon and Co, I spent the hottest summer of my working life in a court room watching the first round of the fight against steel subbie Cleveland Bridge.