Another selection of cringe-worthy health and safety blunders from home and abroad.

Four storeys up and no ukelele
We reckon George Formby is looking down from a cloud to stop this window cleaner from falling four floors down to the ground. Thanks to Darren Hampson, Associate Director at FraserCRE for sending it in.

Safety blunder from Hong Kong
Martin Osborne, bid manager at Mansell, spotted this rather fetching bamboo scaffolding while in Hong Kong. At least it's sustainable.

Concrete boots
When Mark Edmonds of A Edmonds & Co in Birmingham was in Kathmandu he stopped by the Old Palace to see how the World Heritage restorations were getting on, and discovered they had developed a unique method for mixing concrete. "How's that for Health and Safety?" he asks.

Pass the parcel
Cyril Sweett's Paul Garratt describes this scene from a refurb job in Norwich as "one of several eye-watering H&S moments". The planks are passed two storeys up the outside of the building with high-vis jackets the only protection - "to ward off evil spirits?" wonders Paul.

Safety blunder up a ladder
Eagle-eyed Dave Gallop from Scott Wilson FM in London noticed this blunder - note the careful positioning of the ladder to ensure it is exactly level with the top of the safety railing.