Quantity surveying is no longer a man’s world, says a young female QS at RLF Liverpool

I literally fell into the construction industry when I left school and found an administration role within a team of quantity surveyors that I really enjoyed.

Even though my mum had been a civil QS it had never occurred to me before that I would find a profession in construction. It had just not been an option that we were told about at school where the list of possibilities seemed to focus more on the traditional roles expected of women in the workplace.

However within the office I was lucky enough to work with two female QSs who were happy to show me the way and provide me with advice on how I could train up.

Having now been with RLF in Liverpool for four years, and having recently graduated, I can honestly say that I have found a job that I really enjoy and am presented with fresh challenges everyday.

Some people do ask me if I find it hard being a woman in a man’s world but I think that concept is very outdated and a bit of a myth.

Undoubtedly there are still a lot more men than women working in property but the female ratio is definitely on the up. In fact whilst I was training at university the number of women on the course seemed to increase every year.

Some men in the industry tend to exercise chivalry towards me but I have certainly never had any negative reactions when I have walked into a meeting room or on site, not even a wolf whistle!