Norfolk County Council says that Vinci’s purchase of Jarvis’s bidding operations could “significantly affect” decision on schools PFI.

Norfolk County Council has said that the sale of Jarvis’s PFI bidding operations to Vinci Investments could “significantly affect” the council’s decision to reach final agreement on a Norfolk schools PFI project.

Jarvis is currently preferred bidder on the 25-year PFI scheme, which will extend, refurbish and provide facilities management for 37 Norfolk schools.

Last Wednesday, Jarvis agreed to sell its bidding teams to Vinci, which included four contracts where Jarvis is preferred bidder including the Norfolk schools PFI project.

Norfolk's Deputy Director of Education, Sue Rossiter said that she had met the managing director of Vinci and was told that Vinci would need 2-3 weeks before it could confirm whether they can meet all the terms of the project agreed with Jarvis.

Rossiter said: “In particular, they will need to visit some schools to assess whether the proposed construction timescales are still achievable.”

If the project reaches final agreement Jarvis would continue to be responsible through a contract with Vinci for providing the future facilities management services to the schools.

County councillors will now delay its decision on the PFI project from 25 October to 8 November when a special cabinet meeting will be held.