Alutec’s JuraJoint jointing system offers impressive whole life costings and requires very little maintenance

Alutec has received patent approval for its JuraJoint jointing system, designed to simplify the process of connecting aluminium gutter systems, as well as provide a leak-free joint.

The sealant is applied in one thin bead into the specially defined central rib of the rubber seal. When the joint is snapped together it bonds the rubber seal to the gutter surface, making the jointing durable, thermally flexible and secure against leaks.

Manufactured from aluminium, it will be used in the Evolve range, offering impressive whole life costings, as the material is so impervious to corrosion that very little maintenance is required. The Alutec Evolve range is available in half round and semi-elliptical (Deepflow) profiles. Meanwhile, all Alutec rainwater systems are available in Heritage Black, a polyester powder coating designed to emulate the look and feel of cast iron.