The Arsenal Emirates stadium may be the crowning achievement of the construction industry this year, but as a venue for a press do its becoming a bit passé...

Now I like this time of the year as much as the next person: do after do, free bubbly and sausages on sticks, gossip spreading like the plague. September is, by far, the best month for journalists in this industry to track down a story or some salacious misdeed. So I shouldn’t really moan but…..

… Can organisations stop having their drinks bashes at Arsenal’s new Emirates stadium? I know, I know, it’s probably UK construction’s big achievement in 2006, and I suppose it’s fair enough that Sir Robert McAlpine, which built the stadium so brilliantly, has its bash there, but where’s the imagination?

I’m sick of taking the same tour, with people swooning over the sight of Thierry Henry’s shorts hanging up in the dressing room, and sitting in Arsene Wenger’s dugout seat yet again (I swear I’ve spent more time sat there than he has this season). And worse still, if this is what it’s like at Arsenal, imagine how bad Wembley will be for corporate entertainment - assuming it’ll ever open, of course.