London mayor Ken Livingstone should adopt the heavily delayed £15.5m Jubilee Bridge scheme, according to a new report.
The project, in the City of London, has failed to secure the £8m in public funding necessary to complete it. About 50% of the budget is secured through a grant from a charitable trust and an agreement with Sky Media Management to provide advertising.

The report, by University College London subsidiary Space Syntax and consultant WSP, calls on Livingstone to raise the money to ensure the footbridge is built. The consultants believe it would be used by 4.1 million people a year.

The report also emphasises Jubilee Bridge’s strategic importance because it would link the City and Bankside areas of London. Supporters argue that this would offer regeneration benefits.

In a joint statement, the consultants said: “We recommend the Greater London Authority adopts the Jubilee project as policy due to its important strategic nature.”