Dungeness nuclear power station's operations extended by five years, plus other stories from the weekend papers.

Dungeness B nuclear power station on the Kent coast is having its operating life extended by five years, The Observer reports. This extension will bridge the “nuclear gap” before new build stations will be operational. The nuclear industry wants the government to move swiftly to approve a plan to build at least eight new stations.

University College London Hospital Trust's new arts curator Guy Noble is to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on new art installations, The Sunday Telegraph reports. The hospital had already been criticised for spending £70,000 on a boulder to adorn its main entrance.

Also reported over the weekend:

- Contractors have called for greater standardization of building contracts for schools and hospitals to cut down costs on PFI projects

- New B&Q boss Ian Cheshire is expected to unveil a package of measures to boost sales and cut costs

- Concerns are mounting in the US that Hurricane Katrina could prompt a round of “pork barrel” contracts - rewarding companies with strong links in the area. All eyes are on Halliburton, vice-president Dick Cheney’s ex-company