The DTI-sponsored Egan body, Construction Best Practice, has unveiled the first set of key performance indicators for the environment
The KPIs, expected to be adopted by clients, designers and contractors, will measure a project's impact on the environment, energy use, waste and movements of commercial vehicle.

Director of Construction Best Practice Brian Moone said: "It is clear that environmental performance is an extremely vital, emerging area."

This year's KPI results show an improvement across the construction industry. Eleven of the 14 industry KPIs improved on the previous year's results.

The results show a five-year improvement in the percentage of projects rated eight out of 10 for client satisfaction with the product. This figure rose from 72% to 78%. Client satisfaction with the service increased from 58% to 78%.

Construction minister Brian Wilson said the figures showed that firms that adopt an integrated approach to construction could outperform the rest of the industry.

He said: "The inclusion of environment indicators means that for the first time we can measure the impact buildings have on the local community – and that means a better quality of life all round."