Constructing Excellence and Collaborating for the Built Environment could form new body by April 2005.

Constructing Excellence has announced that it is to merge with Collaborating for the Built Environment (BE).

Constructing Excellence said it had made substantial progress towards convergence and that a structure and method of operation for the new centre has been agreed.

The new organisation could be in place by April 2005 subject to appoval by both boards.

Chief Executive of Constructing Excellence, Dennis Lenard said: “A new organisation including both the Constructing Excellence partners and the BE members will facilitate government and industry interaction to shape the future in all aspects of the built environment."

"Together, we will be able to make a major impact in the context of regeneration, quality of the built environment, business success, competitiveness and long term viability of the industry to guarantee the effective delivery of community assets.”

The plans for convergence will go before the BE board on 16th November, with ratification in December. The Constructing Excellence board of management has already been appraised of the recommendations and support the direction.