New flexi construction training centre opens in Canary Wharf in honour of George Brumwell

Labour Party chairman Hazel Blears has opened a construction training centre in Canary Wharf in honour of the late UCATT general secretary George Brumwell.

The George Brumwell Learning Centre will provide flexible learning opportunities to meet the needs of full-time, shift and casual workers at Canary Wharf. The centre is a revamp of the original Learning Centre, which was set up in 2002 on a barge at the Canary Wharf development.

The original centre, run by UCATT, Canary Wharf and Lewisham College, has already been held up by the London Assembly Health and Public Services Committee as an ideal model for on-site training on the Olympic sites.

Jerry Swain, UCATT London South East Regional secretary, said: “We are delighted with the success of the learning partnership between UCATT, Canary Wharf and Lewisham College. The new premises are a sign of its success and we will continue to work together to promote learning and skills for construction workers.”