Constructor Lendlease Europe has implemented a Wellbeing Leave policy


Lendlease Europe has begun offering staff up to four extra ‘wellbeing’ days off a year, in an effort to reduce stress and improve health.

The Wellbeing Leave initiative launched in August and allows employees to take at least one day off as leave every 3-4 months with no formal leave limit applied.

The aim is to reduce the level of sickness by giving workers a day of leave to “alleviate stress or take part in a wellbeing activity” in the hope that they return to work more engaged, healthy and productive.

Lisa White, head of HR at Lendlease Europe, said: “Wellbeing Leave is a proactive investment in the health and wellbeing of our employees, and acknowledges the importance of a balanced work-family life. A healthier, happier workforce is naturally a more productive and engaged one – and less likely to take regular sick leave.

Wellbeing leave follows on from the introduction of the Enhanced Shared Parental Leave (ESPL) scheme earlier this year, which allows both men and women to be able to take up to six months paid leave.