Chris Huhne to talk to police about a planning decision that was overturned the same year Abrahams made a Labour party donation

Senior Liberal Democrat Chris Huhne is calling for police to investigate a planning deal involving David Abrahams, the property developer at the heart of the Labour donations scandal.

It is believed the Lib Dem leadership contender will speak to police in Durham about a planning application involving the businessman.

It is alleged that a ruling against plans for a business park was overturned in the same year the developer donated a large sum to the Labour party. Abrahams and Labour deny any wrongdoing.

The property developer has sparked a political crisis after revelations he had given more than £650,000 to the party over the last four years under other people’s names. By law, anyone donating more than £5000 must be identified.

The developer has said he used proxies, including his solicitor and the wife of one of his staff, in order to protect his privacy.

The latest development comes as Scottish Labour leader Wendy Alexander came under pressure to resign over an illegal donation to her leadership campaign.