Nanogel light transmitting aerogel is one of the world’s lightest and best insulating solids.

Architects now have the option of including the ingredient within the Kalwall cladding and roofing system. This combination achieves the very low U value of 0.28 W/sqmK. That means that designers can use large areas of translucent cladding or roofing with an insulation value equivalent to a solid wall and four times better than insulating glass units.

Jersey General Hospital, designed by BDK architects, is one of several UK projects which use Nanogel with Kalwall cladding. Other projects include Highcrest Community School in High Wycombe, the Hemsworth Business Centre in Yorkshire and All Saints College Newcastle..

Kalwall is widely specified for its ability to diffuse natural daylight and distribute it internally as ‘museum-quality’ natural light without shadows or glare or the need for internal blinds. The highly insulating performance of the system means that the energy costs of heating, aircon and artificial light are reduced.

Kalwall + Nanogel is a new downloadable publication which explains the option of greatly increasing the insulation value of the building envelope without reducing light transmittance. It also illustrates recent projects.


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