Cabe chairman Sir Stuart Lipton last week criticised the design of PFI projects at a conference held by public sector union Unison.
Lipton said PFI projects were not delivering the quality of public buildings that staff, users, visitors and the wider public deserved.

He said part of the problem lay with the private sector and that PFI contractors often sought to maximise financial return rather than quality of public service.

Lipton said: "At the moment, the majority of PFI buildings are poorly designed and will fail to meet the changing demands of this and future generations."

He added that the push to meet delivery targets before the next election may mean that design quality is compromised.

"Timescales for design and delivery are getting shorter and shorter. Something has to give, and that something is quality," he said.

Lipton added that unions should ensure that public sector clients set briefs and demand adequate staff and user consultation.