Construction sailing event will donate an estimated £150,000 to the Paralympic team before 2012.

Britain's Paralympic sailing team is set to benefit from this autumn's Little Britain Challenge Cup, the annual construction industry sailing contest.

The event, which is likely to attract more than 240 yachts and 2000 participants, will also support the Jubilee Sailing Trust, the Cirdan Sailing Trust and the Ellen MacArthur Trust.

The LBCC estimates that it will donate £150,000 to the Paralympic team before 2012, when the Olympic and Paralympic sailing events will be held in Weymouth.

Stephen Park, the Royal Yachting Association Olympic manager, said: "The LBCC's support for our Paralympic sailors is a fantastic boost. With just over two years left until the 2008 Paralympic Games, it will certainly help increase our medal-winning opportunities."

Entry details for the event, which has been modified this year to become a four-race series, will be available in May.