Sarah Richardson revealed the winners as they were announced through Twitter

  • And finally... Qs ambassador is Blair andersons Charles blincow! Congrats all, over and out 3 days ago
  • Best all round qs is t and t 3 days ago
  • Best contractors qs team goes to carillion 3 days ago
  • Francis ives named qs champion of year 3 days ago
  • Project or programme manager taken by cyril Sweett 3 days ago
  • Mm and Blair Anderson are spoiling for a fight... Innovation goes to t and t 3 days ago
  • International achievement Blair Anderson! 3 days ago
  • Savant qs newcomer 3 days ago
  • Employer of year r l b... Do I need to keep using the exclamation marks? Might take a break due to being target of comedian 3 days ago
  • Qs young achiever goes to David whysall of t and t! 3 days ago
  • Mm thought it was the question of sport awards... Best training initiative goes to Henry Riley! 3 days ago
  • Comedian Michael macintyre has just had a go at me for sending these updates. Dispatches from the frontline, dear reader 3 days ago
  • Dinner well underway, how can you all take the tension? 3 days ago
  • Or the headless waiter 3 days ago
  • Here now... Not quite sure about the caged woman with wings on the way in... 3 days ago
  • A flaw has emerged in this twitter plan, battery is dying. So instead of being on my way to qs am stuck charging up 3 days ago

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