Council reapproves amended design but construction plans remain in doubt while American owners at loggerheads

Liverpool Football Club’s revised plans for its new Stanley Park stadium have been given council approval yet again after a second redrafting, but a falling-out between the two owners means the scheme is still in doubt.

Council planners approved the revised design on Tuesday, four years after first giving the go-ahead to the original design. Amendments in the second by Architect HKS and engineer Ramboll Whitbybird’s include extended leisure and retail facilities.

The delays are partly due to a recent change of ownership at the UK club, which was taken over by Americans Tom Hicks and George Gillett in February 2007.

The two have since fallen out, which could affect the development plans. It remains unclear whether building work can begin without the owners resolving their differences.

Hicks has publicly outlined his own vision for Liverpool and has said he wants to buy his partner out, but Gillett has said he will not sell his share in the club.

"If George doesn't sell - because I am not going to sell - I guess we stay in this position that we are in," Hicks told the BBC in April.

The scheme has been opposed by objectors, who say that the 60,000-seater stadium is too big for the area.

The club’s old stadium is to be redeveloped as a car park, sports centre and hotel.