The Mayor’s Energy Strategy commits London to reducing its emissions of carbon dioxide by 20% by 2010.

London Mayor Ken Livingstone has today launched the London Climate Change Agency as part of the drive to reduce carbon emissions in the capital.

At the launch Livingstone said that compared to 1990 levels he was aiming to cut carbon emissions by 20% by 2010.

The agency is led by the London Development Agency and backed by a host of top businesses, including construction firm Sir Robert McAlpine. The agency, which was one of Livingstone’s manifesto commitments in 2004, will work closely with the private sector to tackle climate change.

Livingstone wants the Climate Change Agency to establish itself as a municipal company - in partnership with private sector firms - which will design, finance, build and operate low and zero-carbon capacity buildings. This will include a combination of combined cooling, heat and power, energy efficiency, renewables and other technology in new developments and retrofit projects.

Livingstone said: ‘Climate change has now become a problem the world cannot ignore. The sponsorship of some of Britain's biggest firms for the London Climate Change Agency demonstrates that the private sector is also ready to take up the challenge.”