London mayor Ken Livingstone has promised to set aside more public sector land for the government-backed London-Wide Initiative, which is intended to provide low-cost housing for key workers.

He said: “When you bring a bit of imagination to bear, I think we can find enough land to double the deputy prime minister’s programme.” John Prescott wants 4000 affordable homes built in the capital.

Livingstone noted that the London Development Agency has come up with a 300-home site for the initiative, at Galleons Reach in Docklands. The mayor also announced that £20m worth of land owned by Transport for London would be made available for housing.

Livingstone has announced that ultimately he wants to build 50,000 £60,000 homes in London.

In addition, English Partnerships announced that it had signed an agreement with First Base Partnership, Key London Alliance and a consortium led by Countryside Properties to develop homes for first-time buyers. Each development partner will deliver 1000 houses. English Partnerships has acquired 15 sites across the capital, each of which will include a mix of open-market and low-cost homes.

Qualifying Londoners will be able to buy a share of the low-cost homes, and the remaining stake will be retained by EP, the Greater London Authority or any other body supplying the land.

The pilot phase, which includes high-rise apartments and houses, is expected to begin next year.