New technology backed by big names including L&G and Greystar

A new app sponsored by London mayor Sadiq Khan could shave weeks off the early design stage for offsite manufactured homes, according to one of its creators

Prism allows developers to quickly assess the potential for building precision-manufactured homes on a specific site, within London’s spatial planning rules and using existing volumetric and panellised products.

The open-source program lets users design a multitude of different structures on a specific site, as well as export 3D geometric drawings to other BIM programs and download a PDF with key project metrics.


How the app looks in use

Prism was made by off-site specialist Bryden Wood and consultant Cast and can be used by anyone free of charge, with manufacturers also able to add their own products to the programme.

Jami Cresser-Brown, a director at Bryden Wood who led the creation of the app, said: “Normally this process would take a matter of weeks, maybe even months, depending on the size of the scheme. [But using PRISM] this whole process [can be] taken in under 15 minutes.”

The app will also act as a database which collects information about what products are commonly used which Nicky Gavron, deputy chair of the planning committee, said would help create standardised parts for homes.

The app has been funded by the Mayor of London, as well housing association L&Q, developers Legal & General Modular Homes and Greystar along with landowner Transport for London.