Housing completions are up 35% in London, while the number of homes built in the South East grows at a steady 10%.

Housing completions have risen by 35% in London over the last year. For the year end June 2004 there were 19,416 housing completions in London, up from 15,764 in 2002/2003. Housing starts in London over the same period rose at a lower 6% rate to 19,416.

The figures from the office of the deputy prime minister reveal that housing completions in England rose by 6% in 2003/2004 to 146,000, while housing starts were up 7% to 165,400.

In the North and Midlands starts were up in all the regions, with Yorkshire and Humber leading the way with 10% growth over the previous year. Completions for the year grew by 13% in the North East and 10% in Yorkshire and Humber.

Starts and completions are up in the South East and London though growth is slowing in the East and is flat in the South West. In the South East where John Prescott has identified new areas of growth for his sustainable communities, there was a 10% increase in completions for the year to 24,263.

In the three months to June 2004 housing starts and completions were up 10% on the same period last year. A total of 46,9000 homes were built in England in those three months.