Housing minister Keith Hill vows to overturn the Lord's decision in the Commons next week.

The government’s plans to make anyone selling their home pay for a ‘seller’s pack’ – to provide information to potential buyers – has suffered a setback in the House of Lords.

Opponents of the bill defeated the government 179-132, with Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Independent peers complaining that to force sellers to pay an estimated £800 for searches and surveys before putting their homes up for sale would interfere with the market. A Tory amendment to the bill makes the packs voluntary.

The government believes the packs would speed up the process of buying and selling homes, and says it will push the legislation through parliament. Housing Minister Keith Hill has promised to overturn the Lords’ decision in the Commons next week.

“Markets work most efficiently when all parties are well-informed, and that is exactly what the packs will deliver for homebuyers and sellers,” he said in a statement.