Tap and shower maker Deva has added the Tahi shower to its water-saving Satinjet range

The striking architectural design incorporates Twin-Jet technology and requires just nine litres of water per minute to deliver a drenching. The result, says Deva long-term savings on water and energy of up to 40% with each shower taken, claims the company.

The Twin-Jet technology works by angling two jets of water to collide to create a soft, wide reaching spray with 3,000 droplets of water per second, thereby eliminating the “cold spot” often experienced with the needle-like water delivery of conventional showers.

Designed with ergonomics and ease of use in mind, the Tahi also features an overhead drencher, a two-function handset, a large capacity, adjustable shelf system and a sturdy footrest to make leg-shaving more comfortable.