Movement for Innovation plans ‘task groups’ to help government build schools and hospitals before election.
The Movement for Innovation is planning to set up two task groups to help the government to procure schools and hospitals in time for the next general election.

M4I, which was set up to implement the principles of Sir John Egan’s Rethinking Construction report, is putting proposals for the groups to construction minister Brian Wilson. Wilson is expected to liaise between M4I and the health and education departments to facilitate their formation.

As well as meeting political pressure on Labour to fulfil its manifesto pledges on public services, the move is an opportunity to show that Egan principles can make construction more efficient.

An M4I source said it was “looking at how we can make a contribution to the way in which this programme of school and hospital construction is delivered. We want to encourage the greater use of principles of Rethinking Construction in procuring buildings. There should be a way of sharing best practice across departments so clients don’t have to reinvent the wheel all the time”.

We are looking at how the M4I can contribute to the delivery of new schools and hospitals

Movement for Innovation source

The source added that the group would look at different types of construction, from new-build to refurbishment, as well as different procurement methods. The source said: “We are looking at PFI projects and new programmes such as the Procure 21 initiative in the health sector.”

The move follows the release of a wave of 13 health PFI schemes worth £2.4bn by the government. The schemes, which include hospitals in Leicester, Paddington and Peterborough, are due to be advertised over the next six months.

Last week, Wilson called for a more efficient approach to public sector construction work. Speaking at a Construction Products Association conference at the RIBA, Wilson said there should be more planning, standardisation of design and reduction of waste in new projects.